MENS Permanent Makeup for Men by Angel - Empowering your appearance!


  • Look Younger
  • Enhance Your Natural, Facial Features
  • Brows, Lashes, Eyes and Lips will Appear Fuller, Darker, and More Defined
  • Applicable For Men of Any Age
  • For a Subtle, Natural, More Distinguished You

As Men mature their features become less prominent. Brows and lashes become sparse, lighter, and lip lines become less defined. Facial Feature Enhancement can be the solution for you.

For your convenience all of our procedures are performed in a private sterile environment including a plastic surgeons office. We offer several locations in Boca Raton, Florida area.

Angel in Boca Raton, FL.


Camouflage hair transplant scars:
hair transplants can leave light scars on the scalp that do not blend with the surrounding hair areas. Micro pigmentation can be the answer to blend the scars into the natural hair growth pattern.

Balding, thinning, and sparse scalp hair:
sparse areas can be blended into the thicker areas for a natural looking hair growth pattern.

Scalp scars:
this procedure can blend the areas that are visible on short hair, hairlines and part areas.

This procedure will give you the confidence you need to wear those short styles.

During your private consultation all your concerns and questions will be answered.

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Angel's 20 years experience in makeup enhancement will create and individual and customized look for you. Her artistic abilities, unique feathering method and custom color blending will enhance and compliment your natural features.

Angel was trained in New York, Seattle and Florida. Over the past 30 years as a licensed cosmetologist Angel will bring you the most professional look and experience.

Extensive advanced training in corrective coloring, makeup application and eyebrow shaping.

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